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Smart Negotiating to Win

In real estate there are 3 types of negotiations and the market index (in the Market Report) will suggest which one to pursue.

Negotiation of other terms such as closing date and contingencies will also need to be adjusted for the current market.

The above is written from the perspective of buyers. Knowing how to negotiate can be of critical importance to them. Of course, sellers need to know the state of the market to produce their best result.

Those who rely on local real estate news are likely to be at least two months behind. If you rely on national news, you've just not been paying attention.

Hot Tip: There is an agent available who has over 30 years of experience negotiating in all types of real estate markets. He has also negotiated wage labor rates and multimillion-dollar contracts for large corporations. Further, he is a graduate of the Karrass negotiating course which you have seen advertised in airline magazines.
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