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A critical factor in selling your home?

Here's an important tip for home sellers with a garage: After you are on the market, be sure to ask your Realtor to double-check that your garage shows up in the all-important MLS System Summary report.

Entering a garage into the MLS is so tricky that up to 50% of homes for sale with an existing garage, do not show it in this critical report. Consequently, a Realtor searching for a home with a garage (a must-have item for many home buyers) will not even see your listing in their search results.

This can be a major problem even if your garage was "entered" into the MLS and might appear elsewhere in other reports or websites. Since well over 90% of homes are sold through the MLS, and the System Summary is the very first screen in Realtors' searches, showing your garage there is critical. Only an Realtor can check this; you cannot!

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