David Rathgeber's

Business Philosophy

Information is power; communication is the key. Let me share the experience gained in selling well over $400 million worth of homes over nearly 3 decades. Strategy changes with the market and my monthly report beats the "news" by 2 months!

If you are selling a home, my proven program focuses on exposure that works to minimize time on the market. My negotiating expertise, which is at least twice as effective as others, will add thousands to your bottom line and 9 steps to success will guide us through the entire process. Hopefully you will witness the expert handling of multiple offers, which is an acquired art.

If you are buying a home, I'll guide you through an efficient search for either a brand new or a resale home using the selection checklist. You'll develop personal knowledge of your market segment to ensure the right choice. Tips for first-time buyers will guide all buyers through the process. I'll see that you get the very best price, and in a hot market, we'll use my secret weapons to beat the other buyers and win your home of choice. For more insight, see Don't over pay on a home.

My friends in real estate know that I am different from the others: All the right information and no baloney! Find out exactly what they think. We'll sort out what really works from what merely sounds good. And you will always be treated as a friend. Your satisfaction is critical: I measure success by the number of others to whom you mention my name.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for sellers and buyers.

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