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Updated versions of home selling articles that David wrote for The Washington Times are below.

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Lead Paint Law 1996 cover story

Initial Considerations
Some Basic Ideas
Basic Questions for your Prospective Agent
Tough Questions for your Prospective Agent
Final Questions for your Prospective Agent
How's the Market?
A Market Value Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Fat for Negotiation
Put Your Best Foot Forward
Planning Your Marketing Effort
Bring on the BUYERS!
Do this ... don't do that
What works ... and what doesn't
Negotiating Basics
Presentation of the Offer
To Accept, Reject, or Counteroffer?
Negotiating the offer: Information is POWER
Dealing with Common Negotiating Situations
After the Meeting of the Minds
Onward to Closing
Selling Your Home - An Overview
Your Home's Value
Real Estate Tax Assessments
Critical Statistics

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