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Serious home buyers do not want to waste time. They know how to find a home: They call their agent to search the MLS, or go directly to mrishomes.com or another on-line search site. It's a lot quicker than attending open houses or chasing real estate signs. Office walk-ins, personal contacts, and word-of-mouth selling are myths. With the exception of open houses, or very occasional calls from signs, the internet, or the QR code on my sign; I will not personally show your home very often.

On the other hand, the data we enter into the MLS computer will affect the number of times your home's information appears in agents' or buyers' on-line searches. It will also determine whether your home will be one of those to be visited, or one that ends up in the trash can. Searches are always conducted by price range, so the data on your home needs to compare favorably to similarly priced homes in order that your home is selected for showing. The primary indicator of your home's suitability to the market is measured by the traffic generated, that is, by how frequently your home is shown.

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