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Many of us think of a home purchase as a wise investment, and it is, as homes generally increase in value. Fortunately, residential real estate is insulated from such herd-instinct fluctuations that influence many other investments for three important reasons: First, there are many real estate markets (not just a few, like stocks) which are each subject to unique local influences. Second, we could not all sell our homes on the same day (and produce a stock-market-like crash) even if we wanted to. Third, homes are much, much more than investments. They provide shelter: a basic need.

Investment in residential real estate provides a number of unique advantages in the current macro-economic climate. The new economic reality has created new opportunity for the savvy, responsible investor. Of course real estate is a long-term investment; and with property values at current levels, the potential return-on-investment is increased.

Real estate provides much greater stability than other investments (stocks, etc.) for a number of reasons. The liquidity of stocks can expose an investor to a great amount of volatility, and risk. With all the uncertainty in the financial world today, a safer, long-term investment can be found in real property. And residential real estate provides advantages over commercial property. Because of the inherent value in a residence as shelter, residential real-estate will always be in demand. It is a basic necessity of people everywhere.

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