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The Washington DC metropolitan area enjoys one of the most buoyant real estate markets in the US. This is due to several factors. Most obviously, there is a large population associated with the national capitol. Not only do elected representatives and their minders change frequently, but a large number of foreign nationals call the Washington DC metro area home, be they employed by industry or their home country's embassy. Overseas assignments here often last for a term of 3 to 5 years, thus providing a pool of ideal tenants. The large volume of transactions in the metropolitan area keeps prices more stable and liquidity (the ability to sell in a reasonable amount of time) above average. AFIRE, the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate, is an organization that has consistently rated the Washington DC metropolitan area as one of the best places to invest in the United States.

The Northern Virginia area leads the Washington DC metropolitan area in real estate opportunity. Among the three segments of the local market, Northern Virginia customarily enjoys the lowest months supply of homes (for the latest report click here) and therefore the most stability, liquidity, and investment potential when compared to suburban Maryland and to Washington DC itself. Further, rent control laws in Virginia are more favorable to the landlord compared with neighboring jurisdictions. And Northern Virginia is home to both major airports that serve the National Capitol.

What makes Northern Virginia such a popular place to live or invest? In part, the fact that many employers are drawn to the business-friendly attitude of Virginia. Many businesses benefit from easy access to Washington DC and access to the federal government. Of course, many residents love the proximity to the National Mall, Smithsonian museums and other cultural resources. Northern Virginia is also a family-friendly environment featuring large neighborhoods, good schools, lots of amenities, and a culturally-diverse population. It has been home to many high-ranking government officials over the years including the Kennedys.

While an investment in the Washington DC metropolitan area is ideal for some, the attractiveness of New York City or warmer climates in Florida for example, will be preferred by others. Selected, licensed associates are available to assist.

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