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Your profit will most likely come from property appreciation over the long term (3 years or more) rather than from monthly income. In fact you should expect a small monthly loss with most local real estate. This is especially true in the first few years, but this can improve if rental values increase. Since appreciation of your investment is so important, and the ability to sell easily in any type of market situation, a well located, mainstream (universally popular) property is desirable. Remote locations as well as very expensive or very inexpensive homes should be avoided. When you are fine-tuning a well located Northern Virginia property, the closer to Washington DC the better, as that is the center of the area's job market, even though there likely are more jobs outside Washington DC in Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland.

In general, homes in Arlington, Alexandria, McLean, and Vienna will be prime as an investment, and townhomes will be your very best choice. In the times when townhomes are not the most popular style themselves, they are always a close second to either detached homes or condominiums. One exception to the townhome recommendation would be moderately priced detached homes that are rentable, longer-term, to folks working here at the various embassies from countries worldwide.

While investment in residential real estate involves important non-financial considerations, the potential for gain is often an important factor. Investors should be understand that there is no national real estate market. Those who make specific buying decisions based on national averages are ill-advised indeed. Be sure to get the latest information on the market you are considering.

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