Resident-Realtor Rathgeber posts information
for the Eclipse Condominium in Arlington.

For the Resident's Handbook, click here.

Is it getting warm in your unit? Most residents have not checked why. For an almost unbelievable story, click here.

Not all condos are created equal.
For construction details click here.

Noisy neighbor? Sound meter apps for your iPhone or android will let you document the sound level in decibels.

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For details on the Lawsuit filed against us in the Arlington County Circuit Court on June 28, 2018 click here.

For an idea that might improve your
summer cooling comfort, click here.

For a cellphone boosting tip for Eclipse insiders, click here.

Plan now to save a life, click here.

For the Eclipse towing procedure, click here.

For information on parking space rental . . .

For our original paint and fittings, click here.

For affordable help selling your unit to another
Eclipse owner click Transaction Facilitator.

For residents selling an Eclipse unit . . .
Be sure to let everyone know that you do have a garage space. It's not as simple as it sounds.

Did you know? The MLS can email you daily updates on Eclipse units for sale. You will also get up to 3 weeks advance notice of new listings! Just ask.

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and be ready for the Amazon onslaught.

Feel free to check back: There are several more items to be added to this page which might be of interest.

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