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Unbelievable but true

The National Association of Realtors (almost all agents are members of the NAR) has developed a detailed set of guidelines intended to keep the real estate business orderly. One provision is that, they get to decide which agent gets paid for a real estate transaction. The legal concept is called "procuring cause." To make a long sad story really short, I have done entire transactions - from writing the offer and attending to every detail, right through to closing and even getting paid - only to have my entire commission awarded to an agent who had shown the home first to my clients who were just trying to "save me some trouble." So please, see homes only with me. This includes open houses.

While procuring cause is a legal concept, decisions on real estate are decided by the NAR. Home buyers are unaware of this and find it unbelievable that the NAR has inserted itself as law makers, judges, juries, and enforcers. There are certainly easier ways to handle this, that would let home buyers decide who their agent will be. Whether we agree or not, it certainly bolsters the NAR's importance.

Thanks for your consideration and understanding.

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