David Rathgeber's

8 Critical Factors
in Agent Selection

Ranked in order of importance:

  1. Someone you trust who is a full-time agent. Ideally, someone you know or someone who comes highly recommended by a trusted friend. You won't need to worry about any hidden agenda.

  2. Experience. Not the number of years but the number of recent transactions. The average real estate agent is involved in fewer than 4 transactions annually. Do you think that 4 transactions produces a high level of expertise? A lot of things can go wrong in a real estate transaction; experience matters.

  3. Communications; verbal, written, and electronic. Knowing what to say, how to say it, what not to say, and when not to say it.

  4. Negotiating expertise is absolutely essential to your success. Sellers need someone who will promote multiple offers and maximize their bottom line. Buyers always want a lower price, but winning their first-choice home can be crucial when other buyers suddenly appear.

  5. Availability. Your agent should be readily available by phone, email, mobile email, text, et cetera. For buyers, this can be the difference between winning your home of choice, or living forever in your second choice home. Don't settle for an assistant.

  6. Computer literacy. Your agent has to think like a computer in order to maximize the number of times your home comes up in other agents' searches. And when your page pops out of the computer, the information needs to say, "Come visit me." (See $elling... Appendix D.)

  7. Your agent needs current market knowledge that comes from working with both buyers and sellers over a wide area and price range, and the ability to separate the actionable information from the mindless prattle. This is especially important in pricing your home to sell, and is critical in setting the pace of negotiations for buyers.

  8. An agent who is numerate and uses the appraisal method to determine a home's market value for buyers as well as for sellers. Focus on how a home's value is determined. (See $elling... Chapter 4.)

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